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ARB Elite works consistently to maintain the customer’s loyalty and confidence. By performing in a timely manner, we build trust with our customers.

ARB Elite has consistently stayed ahead of the rest with a sense of old fashioned professionalism to promise a lot and deliver more!

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Since its establishment, the firm has focused on a single mission: to deliver the highest level of professional service to its clients. As part of a comprehensive, the company acts as a neutral party to facilitate a variety of transactions for a diverse range of clients.

To further protect the consumers who participate in escrow transactions, Independent Escrow Companies are required under the International Laws to maintain membership in the Escrow Agents Fidelity Corporation, which provides fidelity coverage for member trust accounts in the amount of $5 million. This surety bond guarantees that in the event of any loss from trust account funds, our consumers’ deposits are protected.

ARB Elite Solutions serves as a neutral third party stakeholder who enables a fair and equitable transfer of property/assets from one person to another without personal interest or bias. As the escrow holder, we receive and disburse money and documents only upon evidence that all provisions and conditions of a mutually executed contract have been satisfied. We remain steadfast in our duty to secure and protect the legal transfer documents and monies placed under our care and close and convey title only when all of the provisions of the escrow have been fulfilled.

Our goal is to provide expertise and the best possible customer service to buyers and sellers along with their representatives and agents.

We strive to perform our duties with forwarding focus, ready to address the next step as we arrive at the completion of the last. Our team remains at the ready to assist our customers with knowledge and experience throughout the process, working together toward a smooth and timely closing.

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